Built by Farmers. For Farmers.


Have more than one farm? No Problem. Our system was designed with multi-farm organizations in mind. Animals, Users, Pens, and Groups are all organized within a farm so you can keep everything neat and tidy.


Keep track of your animals physical location by tracking their pen. This is a one-to-one mapping which means your animal should never be in two places at once! This doesn't mean they still can't escape occasionally though, so keep those fences maintained!


Organize your animals into logical groups to help make reporting and managing easier. You can create groups to your hearts content and animals can be in multiple groups. Our tool makes the process of organizing these really simple and easy to do on the go!


Powerful Dashboards and Tools

Our developers have actually used the tools between cutting horns and branding. We know that the youngsters can't have an excuse to get out of helping out and getting dirty. We put a love of thought and time into giving you tools that work with you, and not against you. Our tools are streamlined to work with real workflows while your out on the job.


Trouble keeping track of which animals are up to code for immunizations? Our simple and fast Vaccine Wizard helps you record vaccines in real time so you have all the data you need to keep tabs on all of your critters.


Tracking patterns in animal health can give great insight into your operations. Also, you can keep everyone on your team up to speed on your animals by tracking health events!


Let's be honest. You can never find a pen but you can always find a phone. Record notes about each animal so they won't get lost and can be viewed by others.

So easy Dad can do it.

And that's saying something...


IntelliHerd was originally only going to by used by my old man (pictured here). Everything we built and improve is always looked at from the vantage point of my Dad. It is a great design philosophy that makes our software easy for farmers to use. My Dad is our tester.

Every photo you see used with IntelliHerd was taken around our family farm with our family.

Support so good, you won't even cuss.

Our roots stem from a long line of dairy farmers in Wyoming. We have lived through the ups and downs of market prices and know the hard work it takes.

We want to help.

When you call you will always talk to a human. More than likely, they will be a farmer, rancher, or cowpoke just like you. We are a family business literally and figuratively.